• PLC Rack Type Metal

PLC Rack Type Metal

PLC splitter is the planer wavelength integrated optic device which based on the quartz substrate, with small size, wide-field operation wavelength and high reliability and high splitter ratio features. Our company can manufacture the 1*N and 2*N all series products, and can be customized according to customer requirements in different situation.


Product Detail

​Fea​​tures▪ Low Insertion Loss,Low PDL
▪ 19” standard installation,It is compatible for ETSI installation typ
▪ Module design, slideway tray structure, easy to Install
▪ Easy to maintain, high reliability
▪ Compatible for 1×2~2×64 PLC splitter



▪ CATV system

▪ Optical fiber sensor

▪ Lan network

▪ FTTH application



HYC-PLC-013 Rack type PLC Splitter2.jpg

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