About Qualfiber

About Us

Qualfiber Technology Co., Ltd is the Chinese national Hi-tech optoelectronics company engaged in R&D, manufacture, and marketing of fiber optical products. Providing professional product and service for FTTH equipment, fiber connectivity, high power laser components, WDM/CWDM/DWDM, PLC splitter, and high-density Datacom cabling. Qualfiber products and solutions widely applied in 4G/5G, Data Center, High Power Laser system and Cloud Computing industry, etc.


Qualfiber Technology

As the investment get involved with 6 years’ experience and development, Qualfiber is growing to be the top10 manufacturer of the optical component and equipment established Shenzhen R&D Center and Jiangsu production base, aim to keep our technology superiority by continuous independent innovation. We achieve customer’s trust by high quality and good service. Insisting “Technology, Quality and Service” to be our core value, through the unremitting efforts of whole staffs, Qualfiber becomes the internationally competitive telecommunication, core components and material brand.

Qualfiber was invested by shareholders of top 5 SMT factory in Chinese south area, famous university and Institute. And for Qualfiber factory, we mainly produce optical passive components and equipment.

1. GPON ONU/ONT, EPON ONU/ONT, GPON OLT, EPON OLT. Business start from the end of 2018. We design appearance and PCBA board management interface for big customers and advanced application, self-assembly, programing, testing and customized with source code. For public version products, we collect PCB from the SMT vendor, and do the distribution sales.

2. Optical fiber components manufacturer, such as fiber optical connector, adapter, attenuator, patch cord.

3. High power fiber optic components. The combiner, mode field adapter, cladding power striper, PM components. Main customer, NUDT (China National University of Defense Technology), SCUT (South China University of Technology), Hans laser, Maxphotonics, etc.

4. Optical fiber equipment manufacturing, such as PLC splitter, WDM, CWDM, DWDM MUX/DEMUX device, OADM, FOADM, MEMS, Isolator. Main customer, China Telecom, China Mobile, etc.

5. Optical Cable design and manufacturing for ADSS, armored, drop cable and other cables for terminal projects. Main customer, China Telecom, China Mobile, etc.


External investment: SMT factory, optical fiber perform, material science

Internal investment: patent, design, staff training, products research and developing.


Bring the most valuable and suitable solutions and products to clients.



Customer are our important partner for building the telecommunication infrastructure and provider service to end customers. Adhering steady performance and good quality, even if market price disorder, we’ll insist to cooperate with customer base on good quality, various customized service and actively technique support.

Employees have more right and power to take part in the development of our company. From market feedback, new products initialization, research& develop to realize and manufacturing. Staffs have right to invest and get the achievement. Instead of shifting the blame, we face the chance and mission together.



Core Technology

 The Capacity of controlling the wavelength, power, splitting, optics and electrics intercommunication, chip source code, hardware and software.


Derivative Resource

In a US$12.5 billion annual sales system, the products get verified and the manufacturing share optimal resource in this system. Perfect quality and price.



Base on the requirement of customers, we provide customized service for special application for all element components and performance level.



Two main lines. R&D optimum solution on products in protocol, which will come in future and at present. R&D products for end users and business model in future.