• MT-MT Patch Cord

MT-MT Patch Cord

A full line of high-performance MTP /MPO fiber cable assembly, they are designed for high-density backplane and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) applications in data and telecommunication systems. With the based on single ferrule MT technology, our MTP /MPO fiber cable assembly can be up to single ferrule with 24 fiber cores connections.


Product Detail

▪ Cross or parallel connecting
▪ 40G/100G transmission speed
▪ Standard or low loss can be optional
▪ 8Cores or 12 cores can be optional
▪ GR-1435-Core compliance
▪ The length is specified by customer
▪ Ribbon fiber or separated fiber convenient for inside connection
Application▪ QSFP Module▪ Multi channel testing instrument▪ Data center▪ Communication 


HYC-DC-001 MT-MT Patch cord.jpg

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